The Children's Centres are an extension of existing children’s work in the local churches, but reaching wider into the community, enriching the quality of children and families' lives through the Centres.

The Centres are not orphanages or mission schools, but various Churches working together, in different locations,  to enrich the lives of children and families in their communities in a more effective, unified and corporate way. 

The Children's Centres are managed by an elected committee from various local churches, who oversee the running of the Centres.  The Centres run pre-schools, children and youth clubs and youth ministry which are all manned by volunteers and teachers. They run a home-visiting programme and feed the orphans and widows in their community through the food they grow on their plots.  


In the future we are hoping to extend the effectiveness of the Centres through a farming initiative called, "Farming God's Way."  We would like to train the local farmers to farm in a new way by introducing techniques and principles which are Biblical and very efficient and effective in producing plentiful crops.   Alongside this, we would like to dig new fresh-water wells and provide water filters to purify local water.

We are also hoping to provide a youth education programme that explores issues relating to the youth, e.g.  sex/AIDS, drugs, marriage and culture, so young people are equipped to deal with them. We plan to include sports and games in their programmes. 

We would like to offer a work-skills programme to enable people to earn a living and provide for their families e.g. in farming, fishing, dressmaking or weaving etc.  

We are hoping to extend the work of the centres by offering health clinics, working in conjunction with local clinics, doctors and nurses to improve the health of community.


Clean water,  food,  teaching materials,  medical facilities (Medicare) .  

Two of the centres need more buildings and three of the centres need a play area.  

Bishop John Owour,  is the Director of the Children's Centres.

As a result of sharing this vision in 2011 with the Pastors in Migori, we currently have five Children's Centres set up by pastors and leaders in the area of Migori, Kenya.  

The following are the Centre leaders:

1. Migori Children's Centre - Bishop John Owuor

2. Got Children's Centre – Pastor Charles Juma

3. Achuth Children's Centre – Pastor Salmon Otieno

4. Victory Children's Centre – Madam Florence

5. Masaba Children's Centre – Mr. Joash Murimi

All the above five children’s Centre have their own management teams – Managers, Co-ordinators and Assistants. 

The name of the Community Based Organization (C.B.O.) is 


A   C.B.O.  is a charity that is registered locally.  The registration No. is 40736.  See certificate below.

Can you help us with fundraising?

The children's centres have not yet been able to establish health clinics, a youth education programme or work skills programme, but are aiming towards it.

We are raising funds for farming plots and projects connected to the centres and for clean water wells, water filters and rain water harvesting equipment for the centres.

You can help us!   

1.  You can invite us to come to your church or group to share the mission work, in the hope of raising some funds.

2.  You can make a one-off donation, via Paypal, please click the link below. 

3.  You can donate on a regular basis.  If you wish to donate on a regular basis, please contact us via the form below.

4.  OR,  if you shop on line,    Every time you use this link, you raise a FREE donation for Kingdom Ministries, at no extra cost to yourself!   Please Click on the link below.  

Easy fundraising/Kingdom Ministries

We are in the process of setting up a charity based in the UK for this work.

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